Amazing io game, Wings


Wings is an awesome plane shooter game where you battle it out against a ton of other players for a top spot on the leaderboard.

You start off equipped with a Gatling gun which as far as starting weapons go is pretty damn strong. You can then collect different/stronger weapons from around the map ranging from a rocket launcher to a Tesla cannon!

Wingsio is incredibly fast-paced which means its action-packed too, unlike some io shooters where you’ll be searching for opponents you’ll be struggling to catch a break. As you work your way up the leaderboards you’ll get yourself a juicy crown which will essentially put a giant target on your head and make you appear on everyone’s radar. You’ll also see a red skull occasionally which is the person who last killed you, taking them out will earn you some extra revenge points.

The game is so fast that you can literally cover the whole length of the map in less than 30 seconds, so be prepared to rage a little as you will die a lot as you learn the game. There is also a sneaky little game mechanic where you can dive into the water. This is handy when trying to avoid missiles or flying fists. But beware, it is also a very easy way to kill yourself if you don’t get out of the sea fast enough.

I loved this game, albeit a love-hate relationship. Every time I spawned, I was dead in seconds. Which made the odd occasion when I managed to actually live for more than 30 seconds feel very rewarding.


Use your cursor to direct your plane, left click or space bar to shoot.