About Wilds.io

Wilds is an action-packed RPG style io game with a ton of customisation, upgrades and match styles.

Wildsio is probably one of the most content-packed io games out there and has provided both myself and hundreds of others with several hours of fun.

When first starting off you are able to pick one of several classes such as a warrior or an archer and take your character into a team based match. In the classic game mode, you’ll be battling it out in a deathmatch vs other players and AI hordes, killing both with gain you size/combat ability such as damage and attack range. Dotted around the map are also breakable barrels/boxes/chests which will contain money or usable items such as potions, we recommend picking up a few before charging into battle although you can be just as effective without any!

Personally, I love the pixel graphic art style. It is very reminiscent of early console games and the gameplay isn’t far off either. You can easily lose a few hours running around this fictional world hacking off heads and dodging arrows while jumping over your friends’ bodies as you hunt for better weapons or even just a safe place to hide for awhile.


Use WASD to control character movement, left click to attack, right click to use standard abilities and use middle mouse button to kick/bash.