Slither style game with a huge twist, Super snake


Supersnake is one of the more unforgiving games in its genre, usually its just a simple process of growing, eating and then taking out other snakes, however, Supersnakeio is far from that…

One of the biggest differences from games such as Slither is the leveling system they have in place, your size increases as you gain levels however it is possible to be smaller than someone whilst still being a higher level. This level system essentially means the longer you survive the stronger you are making it very hard to start off as a new snake. The orbs around the map used to increase your size also contain power-ups based on their colors, blue acts as a speed up and purple give you a projectile that you can use to take out enemy snakes. The combat revolves around the leveling system which is something I wasn’t a fan of, if someone is a higher level than you, they can kill you simply by ramming into you… so try to avoid them at all costs.

If you are a fan of the more traditional Slither style gameplay, you might not enjoy this variation of the game. However, if you enjoy a little bit of change and a challenge with some funky graphics and few crazy gameplay mechanics, then you might really love this game.

Personally, I did find the game mechanics a little tough to deal with, as I mentioned before. But once I got a few friends playing and teaming up with me, I really enjoyed it.


Use WASD to control your snakes’ movement, use spacebar to shoot a projectile when you acquire one.