About Slay

First of all, I would like to start by saying this game is amazing fun.

You spawn into a world with a number of other players. Not a huge amount of player as in, I think is it about 20 or so. And everyone is hunting for cool weapons and armor that are dotted around the map. Weapons like; laser gun, machine guns, rocket launchers and many others. The armor is pretty cool too and vital if you want to live for any length of time. If you are lucky enough you can find the invisibility armor, which does exactly what you think.

The weapons and armor spawn at the same locations at given time intervals. Therefore, if you learn the maps, you can always ensure you get the best guns and armor.

The rate of play is extremely fast as you might expect with 20 players all hunting for the coolest weapons. So be prepared to dodge a few missiles and duck behind boxes.

Slay also has a number of game modes. Obviously, there is free for all frenzy that we all know and love, a zombie survival game where you kill waves of zombies and try to live as long as possible and some team games.

Graphics wise, this game has a similar feeling to, but the addition of some cool animations and effects gives for a very arcade-like experience and you will find yourself playing game after game as you try to top the leaderboard in your chosen game mode.

Game Controls

WASD move you around the map, the left mouse button is used to fire your weapons, the right is jump and finally the mouse wheel scrolls through your various weapons.