About or moomooio, is the latest title to be released by Sydney De Vries. It joins games such as,, and, among others. As with Sydney’s other games, is a great game and lots of fun to play.

The basic idea of the game is to collect resources such as food, wood, and rocks. These can then be used to build objects to block users, allowing you to build a fort for yourself. You can build a fort or base around the resources you are collecting, this helps to stop other players from attacking you while you harvest goods.

To earn points in the game, you can either kill other players or you can build windmills. Windmills produce points over time and can be destroyed by other players. So make sure you protect them, which is where your fort comes in very handy.

You can also get a few upgrades once you have leveled up a little. Right now there is a cookie that helps to increase healing and a new weapon that has a long range. I always get the new weapon because the extra range means you can harvest from resources that right next to each other, at the same time and collect much faster.

Personally, I love this game. It allows you to either be super aggressive and try and kill everyone. Or if you prefer to build, like me, you can create an awesome fort and defend your resources from the hordes of players that try to attack you in your base.

Controls for

WASD move your character around the map. The mouse is used for aiming, attacking and placing blocks. Spacebar is used for eating the apples you collect. Just make sure to select them with your mouse first.

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