MMO bejewelled, Massive Match

About Massivematch

Massive Match is a multiplayer realtime game of Bejeweled. You play on a massive board with a number of other players and just like Bejeweled you are tasked with connecting a number of similar images to complete a row and earn points. However, because you are on a game board with other players the rate of play can be extremely fast. Just as you reach for an item, someone else might get it before you and you lose the chance to complete your row. So you have to be very quick with your mouse and even faster spotting possible combinations.

This game also has a number of game modes. As you start a new game mode a little tutorial will show you what you have to do. Usually, the aim of each game mode is to complete a simple task and earn more points than the other players. Occasionally you have to work together to complete a task and win.

The mix Bejeweled gameplay with the competitive edge of multiplayer play makes this game stand out and I would say it is well worth a shot if you are browsing the web looking for something to do.

Game Controls

The controls are very simple. Just click and drag the items around the board.