About Diep

Diep is one of the more known games featured on our website and for good reason, it’s incredibly good!

You start off as a simple circular tank with a basic cannon to defend yourself with. Your ultimate objective is to take everyone out and become the strongest tank on the server! Your only way to accomplish this is by taking out the colored shapes that sit around the map in order to gain XP/levels. You can then spend the collected XP on power-ups and various upgrades, thus bettering your tank.

Diepio’s leveling system is extremely vast and feels incredibly rewarding. You are able to upgrade 8 different stats including max health, bullet damage and several others! Once you reach level 15 you’ll be able to upgrade your tank as a whole and choose between 2 different new tanks. This feature will reoccur every 15 levels and can give you a massive boost of strength.

Many players spend hours trying to find the best tank through the expansive technology tree. For some people this means they end up with a very slow but strong tank, while other players upgrade into a sniper tank that can fire bullets extremely far. The only real way to find out which works best for you is to try the game.

Sadly in recent months, the game has seen a heavy decline in the number of players and this in part due to the lack of developer/owner activity.


Move around using WASD, shoot using left click.