Brutalio is a crazy fast-paced game from the creator of You play as some odd looking creature or possibly a computer mouse, dragging a flail behind you. Not unlike You can grow your flail by eating the triangular creatures that populate the map. But they don’t make it easy for you to eat them, they seem to have some basic AI and will avoid you. It’s not too hard to eat them though, you can also attack them with your flail.

To kill other players, just as in, you have to hit them with your flail. This can be accomplished by either directly maneuvering your character in an attempt to control the flail position, or detach your flail by clicking the mouse. This will launch it. By doing this you can use your flail as a projectile and if your flail is big, it can kill lots of players or eat lots of little creatures. Either way, you win. When you are done throwing your flail around, you can reattach it by clicking and holding the mouse.

I did find a nice little trick while playing this. If you detach your flail and push it around with your character, you can basically hide behind it for protection, whilst you use it to kill players. Sneaky!!

As io games go this one is really well made and great fun to play. If you like this game has a very similar feeling and certainly plays as smoothly. And of course, if you like, then you will love this game. It has everything zlapio has and more.

Brutalio Controls

The game can be played with just the mouse. Move the mouse to move the character and detach and reattach the flail by clicking the mouse. You could also use the space bar to control the flail too.

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